ShagStreet – Spicy Shannon Moore – A New Arrangement

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ShagStreet – Spicy Shannon Moore – A New Arrangement
Released: June 25, 2024
Shannon has some car trouble because her dummy head husband left her with a cruddy car. She waits in a parking lot when she is approached by Marcus, AKA “Daddy.” Marcus explains that he’s somewhat of a well-off man and wants to see Shannon happy. He gives her a card to go and do as much shopping as she’d like, on the condition that she meet up with him later. Shannon agrees, and her spirits feel a little higher. At the hotel, Shannon knows what kind of guy Marcus is, and although she knows she shouldn’t cheat on her husband, she also doesn’t care and wants to start living life by her own rules. Shannon says fuck her marriage, and strips for Marcus, showing off her spectacular body. She rides his cock and gets fucked hard. It’s the best sex she’s had in a long time, and she doesn’t miss her husband at all in this moment. Shannon thinks this could be a regular thing between her and Marcus and is excited at the prospect of her new life.

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