FreeuseMILF – Scarlett Sommers & Justine Jakobs – Stress Reliever

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FreeuseMILF – Scarlett Sommers & Justine Jakobs – Stress Reliever
Released: June 27, 2024
Rion suffers from claustrophobia. His worst nightmare comes true when a big thunderstorm breaks and he’s stuck at home with his stepmom Scarlett and step-auntie Justine inside the house. The boy is a nervous wreck and can’t keep it together, so the ladies decide to help him out to ease his mind. In order to keep him calm, both Scarlett and Justine come out with some fun ideas to distract Rion. Of course, the boy is at that age when his hormones are all over the place, so a little freeuse will surely take the pressure off his head and dick. Watching movies and playing games becomes much more fun when Justine and Scarlett massage the boy’s cock with their hands and mouth. Soon, Rion discovers that a little pussy-pounding is the best stress reliever. What started as an awful situation becomes a fuckfest that the family yearns to repeat next weekend!

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