TabooHeat – Cory Chase – Step Mom Helps with Prom

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TabooHeat – Cory Chase – Step Mom Helps with Prom
Released: June 13, 2024
Step Mom First-
My step-mom, Cory Chase , walks into the living room, wearing a silky pink bathrobe. ‘Do you have a suit for prom yet?’ she asked me. Cory sits down next to me on the couch and she offers to help me get ready for prom. ‘Your dad is out of town this weekend, so maybe you can help me out this weekend after I help you out,’ she suggests. I (Parker Sims)confess that I’ve never even kissed a girl before, so Cory offers to help me experiment before prom. Her robe is open while we’re making out, and I begin to feel up her big tits. Cory climbs on top of me while we kiss some more. Then we switch places so Cory is lying down in the missionary position. I have never eaten a woman’s pussy out before, but Cory tells me to give it a try. I move my head down in between her legs and I start to eat her pussy out. ‘You’re doing such a good job!’ she moans. Then we switch places and Cory starts to suck my cock. She takes her bathrobe and she throws it to the ground; Then she goes back to giving me a blowjob. She gives me a blowjob for a few minutes, and then she realizes, ‘Oh my! I am supposed to give your father a phone call! I will be right back…’

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