IMadePorn – Mia Molotov – Lecture Me Harder

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IMadePorn – Mia Molotov – Lecture Me Harder
Released: June 11, 2024
Ike is tired of lecturing his stepdaughter Mia. The lazy teen doesn’t do her homework or anything around the house, for that matter, so he decides to alter her punishment a little bit to see if the girl changes her attitude. Surprisingly, his baby girl reacts better to sucking his cock than doing other chores, giving Ike all sorts of ideas. Ultimately, the horny stepdad doesn’t mind her doing anything as long as he gets to fuck her sweet and tight pussy. Mia and Ike grow closer as they get to have secret sex around the house without telling Mia’s mom about it. The juiciest fucks take place in every room in the house as Mia learns to worship her stepdaddy’s dick.

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