TeamSkeetLabs – Abby McCoy – My First Job



TeamSkeetLabs – Abby McCoy – My First Job
Released: June 5, 2024
What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s get right to the fun, as another Labs update is coming your way. We all know that a first job can be tedious and full of surprises. That’s why, for this concept, we went all out and wanted to showcase some of the sexier and more risque things that can occur during someone’s first job! Teen babes are constantly jumping from job to job, but sometimes, they must do whatever it takes to save the job they already have. In this episode, Abby works as a server, though her lack of experience is evident. Scott is not so pleased with her performance, and in no time flat, he’s ready to fire her. Abby doesn’t want to lose her job and is prepared to show Scott she has other skills, even if she isn’t the best server. It’s her first job, but she knows what guys like, and she submits to Scott’s sexual wishes.

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Added on: junio 8, 2024

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