ExxxtraSmall – Vanessa Marie – Persistence Is Everything



Vanessa has the hots for her stepdad, Mike, who does everything in his power to avoid her sexual advances. He’s tempted each time, as she’s a perfect piece of ass, and when she grabs his cock, it’s hard to resist fucking her then and there. Mike plans to go on a business trip to get some space from his horny stepdaughter, but Vanessa is persistent and tries to sneak on the trip. If Vanessa is so persistent and she truly wants to get fucked by her stepdad, Mike will give in to her wishes. He pulls out his cock and rests it against her face. She sucks his cock, getting his shaft as far down her throat as she can. Mike pounds his stepdaughter’s pussy hard. The petite chick may be small, but her dick-taking skills are unmatched. Mike knows he shouldn’t be fucking his stepdaughter, but the pussy is too good to stop now, and he’s already gone this far. When he can no longer hold his load, he busts and gives Vanessa a creamy load to enjoy.

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Added on: junio 8, 2024

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