BackroomCastingCouch – Pixie – Puerto Rican Play Thing



BackroomCastingCouch – Pixie – Puerto Rican Play Thing
Released: June 3, 2024
22 year old Pixie is this week’s casting candidate. She’s curvy, sweet, and petite. She arrives wearing a lovely flowery dress and Rick asks her to hit us with some poses right out of the gate. After showing us her stuff it’s over to the couch to get to know her. She’s cute. Animated, yet reserved. She reminds me of the artsy girl from high school that you just knew was a freak. This theory is kinda proven true when Rick asks her to get naked and we see she’s not wearing ANYTHING under that floral dress. She came in straight freeballin’ it. She’s got an amazing ass, built for comfort not speed. You know we love a little fur around these parts, and that bush checks those boxes. She bends over and gives us a better view of that backside…

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Added on: junio 8, 2024

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