DadCrush – Lola Aiko – Ruining Her For Other Men

DadCrush – Lola Aiko – Ruining Her For Other Men
Released: June 4, 2024
Lola Aiko has a boyfriend she can’t see during her family’s summer vacation. Her stepdad Jack rented out an apartment on the beach, but she is rarely out, she is inside talking to him all the time. Jack has tried to help his stepdaughter get out and enjoy their family time, but she is just too distracted talking to her crummy boyfriend all the time. When Jack finds her masturbating instead of with the family, he knows it’s time to take matters into his own hands and keep her little pussy pleased to ensure she enjoys her holiday. This brings Lola and Jack closer, with the horny teen looking forward to each new sassy encounter with her stepdad. Finally, Lola won’t quit until she gets her stepdad’s sweet seed all over her hungry snatch.

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