Milfty – Lindsey Lakes – Only I Can Make You Cum



Milfty – Lindsey Lakes – Only I Can Make You Cum
Released: June 2, 2024
Lindsey has been messing around with her husband’s boss, Jay. She knows it’s wrong, but Jay is the only guy who can make her cum. He knows all of her kinks and the buttons to push that make her squeal. In the car, Jay gets head from Lindsey, but Jay gets a phone call from Lindsey’s husband. Lindsey continues to suck Jay’s cock while he speaks with her husband. Lindsey is too afraid to go all the way and fuck in the car. But she finds herself craving Jay’s cock again when she’s home alone. She calls Jay, and he comes over with rope. They try taking their kinky relationship to the next level with bondage. Jay fucks Lindsey hard until he busts his load all over her precious body. She loves being covered in his cum and lets the moment wash over her.

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Added on: junio 3, 2024

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