AdultTime – Angie Bloom – Up Close with Angie



AdultTime – Angie Bloom – Up Close with Angie
Released: June 1, 2024
Angie Bloom is wearing a sexy black outfit, and her lips look glossy and inviting. Parker Savage is happy to see her, especially since it’s been a while since they last worked together… and Parker had to share her that time, so he playfully says he’s eager to have her all to himself today! Angie is eager too, admitting that last night she was so excited at the thought of seeing Parker again that she touched herself. She says that she loves to suck dick, so she can’t wait to have Parker’s dick in her mouth. She then describes other sex acts she loves, including anal, until they both get so worked up that they can’t keep their clothes on any longer!

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Added on: junio 2, 2024

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