AskYourMother – A Birthday Full of Surprises



AskYourMother – A Birthday Full of Surprises
Released: May 31, 2024
Parker has been feeling a little left out from the family lately, so Sohpia, his loving stepmom, throws him a nice birthday party. To do it, she recruits the help of her stepdaughter Scarlet and Yaya, Parker’s step-auntie. Unfortunately, none of his friends showed up because they forgot to send the invitations. The boy couldn’t be more bummed, prompting Yaya to come up with an improvised solution to cheer him up: sending Scarlet to “take care of her stepbrother’s needs.” As the girl plays with her stepbro’s cock, Sophia gets outraged, but once she realizes Yaya’s advice actually worked, she decides to get everyone together for a hot foursome and a creampie. Parker gets the party of his life as the three women devote themselves to his dick and let the boy have as much pussy as he wants!

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Added on: junio 1, 2024

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