Rich Bitch Bridgette B Gets All Holes Slammed By Delivery Guy

Rich Bitch Bridgette B Gets All Holes Slammed By Delivery Guy
Released: May 26, 2024
Bitchy blonde Bridgette B is used to having her home help do everything for her. This horny heiress gets into the bath and demands a glass of champagne but her butler isn’t answering her. Getting increasingly infuriated, Bridgette storms out of the bath when her doorbell rings and takes her frustration out on the delivery guy, Mike. She gets Mike to bring in the parcel and realises she can use him for more than his courier skills. Bridgette explains that her butler normally services her, but with him and her husband away, she needs someone else to take the reins. She tempts Mike into some fun and after he massages her feet, this pair treat each other to some oral action. Mike eagerly fucks Bridgette’s pussy and ass before emptying his load all over this diva’s tongue!

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