TigerMoms – Kaya Knight – Extensive Stamina Training

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TigerMoms – Kaya Knight – Extensive Stamina Training
Released: May 22, 2024
Kaya is concerned about her stepson, Rion. She’s fed up with him lazing around the house, and she wants a stepson she can finally be proud of. Ever since Rion and his ex-girlfriend broke up, he’s been a slob and doesn’t want to do anything. Rion reveals he has a bit of a problem regarding stamina. He cums far too early, and he feels it’s the reason for his breakup. Kaya won’t take that as an excuse – if he needs help lasting longer, she’ll get him there. Rion is stunned when Kaya offers to play with his cock. He knows he shouldn’t be getting sex lessons from his stepmom, but when she grasps his dick, it’s hard to resist. She pumps his cock and sees what he’s working with. Rion is good at fucking, but she wants to get him to last longer. The sweet milf does everything in her power to help Rion and his stamina. From there on out, Rion and Kaya mess around whenever they can. She knows getting him to last longer will take work, but the strict Tiger Mom is seeing results immediately. Finally, Rion can fuck without cumming too quickly, and he pounds his stepmom hard, filling up her pussy with every inch of his shaft.

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