TabooHeat – Alexis James & Cory Chase – Revenge is Sweet Parts 1-3


TabooHeat – Alexis James & Cory Chase – Revenge is Sweet Parts 1-3
Step Sisters First Anal
My step Aunt Alexis James arrives at our home with one purple suitcase and a black crop top shirt with matching shorts. My step-mom Cory Chase answers the front door and she asks her step-sister ‘What’s with the big bag?!’ Alexis explains to her step-sister that she caught her husband cheating on her by fucking a girl in the ass, so she cheated on him back, and then her husband kicked her out afterwards! Cory tells her step-sister that she is more than welcome to spend the night at her home. Alexis looks around Cory’s home and she asks her ‘How do I become rich like you? How do I get my own mansion?!’ Cory explains to her ‘All you need is a step-son! I let my step-son fuck me in the ass and we film it. Maybe I can share my step-son with you.’ Alexis agrees she would love to share me with her! A few moments later, I (Luke Longly) walk into the kitchen and I find my step-mom wearing a bathrobe and she is standing next to my Step Aunt who is completely naked. When I walk into the room, my step-mom Cory opens up her beige colored robe, revealing her naked body underneath. Cory explains to me that my step Aunt Alexis wants to join in on our fun, so she can hopefully make enough money to buy her own house! ‘I’ve always wanted to try anal sex, but my husband wouldn’t do it because he was fucking some other girl in the ass!’ Alexis exclaims. Once they explain everything to me, the two MILF’s get down on their knees and they start to give me a double blowjob. Alexis is completely naked besides the white sneakers on her feet, as she sits on the edge of the kitchen counter ready for my cock. I fuck her pussy in the missionary position first. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggystyle position, so I can start to fuck her ass. ‘She’s so tight!’ I gasp, as I try to enter her ass. She flips back over into the missionary position and I start to fuck her ass a little easier in that position. Once I get used to having my cock in her ass, she flips back over into the doggystyle position so we can try that position again. This time I am able to get my cock into her ass! I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth for a few more minutes, until Cory tells me that it’s time we let Alexis unpack her things…

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