TabooHeat – Amiee Cambridge – Step Mom Knows Best Vol 2


TabooHeat – Amiee Cambridge – Step Mom Knows Best Vol 2
Caught Looking at Step Mom Porn-
Parker Simpson is sitting in his bedroom, playing around on his laptop. When he leaves his room, his step-mom, Amiee Cambridge, creeps into his bedroom and she tries to hack into his computer. Amiee is wearing light green lingerie with a matching bathrobe. After she guesses his password, she discovers pages upon pages of step MILF porn on her step-son’s computer! Parker walks back into his bedroom, and he finds Amiee standing in the corner of his room. Amiee confesses that she looked on his computer and she knows what porn he’s watching! Amiee tells Parker how his step-dad doesn’t please her anymore, and she needs to find dick elsewhere lately. Amiee drops her robe to the floor, and then she strips out of her bra as well. She shoves her tits right into Parker’s face. ‘I’m a horny MILF who just needs to get off!’ she moans. She climbs up onto his bed and she starts to give him a blowjob. She puts his cock in between her tits and she starts to titty fuck him. Amiee spreads her legs and Parker begins to eat her pussy out. ‘Oh it’s so good, Parker!’ she moans. She sucks his cock once more, and then she tells him that if he’s ever horny again, he knows where to find her!

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