TigerMoms – Channy Crossfire – Don’t You Dare Cum

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TigerMoms – Channy Crossfire – Don’t You Dare Cum
Released: March 27, 2024
Victor has a little issue when it comes to cumming – he just can’t help but cum too quickly. His stepmom, Channy, wants to help him out when she sees how down in the dumps he is. She’s a new-age Tiger Mom with a lot of focus on positive reinforcement, but she’s still traditional in that her stepfamily is her life, and their needs come first. Channy gives Victor a supportive talk before getting to a practical solution. The Asian babe teaches Victor all about edging and how to not cum so quickly. Victor is stunned at first. He is a little hesitant to fuck around with his stepmom, as it could drastically change their relationship, and he knows it’s wrong. Still, she’s a total babe, and the more she wants his dick, the more he gets turned on…

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