BreedingMaterial – Sophia Sterling – Breed Me Before College

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BreedingMaterial – Sophia Sterling – Breed Me Before College
Released: February 28, 2024
Sophia’s worst nightmare is about to come true when her High School sweetheart Joshua and his delectable seed are about to set sail for college. Sophia is simply crushed by the idea of not having her man’s sweet man juice anymore, thinking she needs to do something about it ASAP. Plus, she’s been ovulating lately, so maybe having her boyfriend put a baby inside of her keeps him from fucking some college sluts. To realize her plan, the blonde babe visits her boyfriend before he leaves to offer him one last round of fun. Joshua needs to go, but he can barely resist his girlfriend’s delectable ass, and her desperate cum-cravings, so he surrenders to Sophia’s command, letting the lustful gal choke on his cock…

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