BBCSurprise – Ivy – Wow, I Hope It Fits

BBCSurprise – Ivy – Wow, I Hope It Fits
Released: November 11, 2023
Welcome back Ivy and we also hope it fits because today’s shock and wonder is the biggest and best kind of surprise a girl can get. So after white cock director Rocky gives her her first squirting orgasm ever in the hall it’s off to the bathroom for the real fun and excitement. Was she surprised? Look for yourself at (13:59) because that type of reaction can’t be faked, and like the good submissive she is went right to her knees and began sucking Sir Isiah Maxwell’s. Not before asking “Has anyone ever told you before this is really BIG?” as it got harder and harder with every stroke. It’s practically as big as her forearm for god sake. Well Isiah found a way to make it fit all the way down her throat at (15:49 & 16:11)…

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